Venom’s testnet to go live next week, ushering in a robust dApp ecosystem

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Key takeaways

  • The Venom testnet is set to go live next week, allowing developers to developers to test and debug dApps and blockchain protocols.

  • The testnet is expected to boost innovation and promote community building with the Venom ecosystem. 

  • The Venom Foundation recently partnered with Hub71 and DAO Maker.

Venom’s testnet to launch next week

The Venom Foundation, the development team behind the Venom blockchain, announced on Tuesday, April 18th, that its testnet is set to go live next week. 

The team pointed out that it is looking forward to providing users and developers with the opportunity to fully experience its Blockchain.

The Venom testnet is designed with ecosystem users and developers in mind. The testnet would allow developers to test and debug dApps and blockchain protocols while providing users with an immersive experience of these applications. 

The team added that the testnet would lead to innovation and promote community building within its ecosystem. 

To take advantage of the testnet, Venom users would be required to carry out two simple steps before being able to explore a variety of dApps built on Venom.

Users will need to install the Venom wallet as a Google Chrome extension or via the app on Google PlayStore. The second step requires users to claim testnet VENOM tokens, allowing them to start their journey within the Venom ecosystem. 

The Venom testnet will feature various dApps

According to the Venom team, the upcoming testnet will feature various decentralised applications (dApps). Some of the dApps are native to the Venom ecosystem, such as Venom Scan, while a few are external projects. 

The team has put in place various social and on-chain tasks to provide users with an experience of what the Venom blockchain dApps will offer. This is done to ensure that users are able to fully engage with the Venom blockchain in various ways. 

Venom offers developers the opportunity to build projects on the asynchronous Venom blockchain. By building dApps on this blockchain, developers get to enjoy ultra-fast speed at 100k TPS, and a dynamic sharding feature that enhances scalability and network reliability. 

The Venom Foundation concluded that they are excited about the launch of the testnet and the numerous dApps and features that would come with it. 

The Venom Foundation has been in the news for all the right things in recent months. In February, the foundation partnered with DAO Maker to incubate promising Web3 startups focused on delivering real-world use cases.

During the same period, the Venom Foundation teamed up with Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem, to allow startups to gain access to enterprise-grade solutions and simplify blockchain adoption for businesses.


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