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Team VESA attended the annual world leading AI and Blockchain AIBC conference this past week and the collaboration that was initially sparked in 2018 received its ๐Ÿ‘‘

It was such a great moment to be awarded the NFT Artist of the Year award in front of so many dear friends and colleagues. I want to express my sincere gratitude for those who voted for me and came to talk after receiving it in various ways ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Iโ€™ve been privileged, even if backed up by 15 years of building digital art, to be awarded many awards โ€“ yet this one felt very special due to so many familiar faces also doing tremendous things in this space being present โ˜€๏ธ

Winning such a prestigious award is a testament to the hard work and dedication to my craft over a sustained period of time, and a recognition of the unique and innovative contributions to the NFT space.

Overall, the whole event was an unforgettable couple days for me and team VESA โ€“ one that will inspire me to continue creating groundbreaking and impactful works of art.

It was for the November 2018 conference in Malta that we first built an artwork about Malta and crypto together with Eman back in the early days of crypto art. It was successfully auctioned for charity and weโ€™ve been doing things together since.

Malta Origins

Work: The Magnificent Eight
Mixed media, 2018

The eight points in the cross of Malta upheld by the Nights Hospiteller refer to:
* To live in truth
* To have faith
* To repent of oneโ€™s sins
* To give proof of humility
* To love justice
* To be merciful
* To be sincere and wholehearted
* To endure persecution

There are still two re-paint canvas pieces available of this work, as it is yet to be minted as an NFT.

VESA and Eman at the pervious 2022 Dubai edition of AIBC Summit.

The fireside of Dr Marwan was eloquent as ever on the power of Dubai to include the international community.

The AIBC / Sigma 2023 conference at Festival Arena really brought it this year. All the way from the branding, flying Gary Vee colours in all their visual messaging and the event itself, the conference proved once again, why it ought to be considered one of the best in the space. As the last little bits of restrictions truly lifted, the venue was nicely full with crypto and Web3 enthusiasts, all looking to catch that tantalizing panel or visit their favourite booth.

VESA held a very visual keynote on the Ikigai-stage on the kickoff day, drawing his audienceโ€™s attention to the underlying technology that is NFTs. What art, especially the collectibles, have done so far is provide a great first use case, but the technology itself can lend itself to a whole host of other disciplines. Since 2018, VESA has been mentioning the need for a shake-up in the scientific peer-review process and in the area of charitable donations, both sectors that would greatly benefit from the transparent, objective stance a blockchain provides.

Congrats also James for the Jade City nomination. Good to see you as always!

On way to Maturity

Maturity, a cool head and education seems like the triad of investable assets right now. The memes are getting hectic between centralised and decentralized, OG crypto and the banking system. There is something special in a moment where the tried and true lessons boil to the surface and maturity seems a lot closer.


Congrats also to Dr Jane Thomason for the well deserved WEB3 leader of the year award โœจ

Dubai otherwise and beyond ๐Ÿš€

As mentioned in this tweet, a congrats to Mondoir opening up a great new gallery contributing to the NFT ecosystem in Dubai in a substantial way. Amir became a collector to the Senses series earlier collecting the Genesis piece as well as nr.2 on Superrare.

Thank you Zemnius for the kind intro.

The series will soon see 12 new works enter the market via Crypto Dot Com NFT, via a mystery box drop. Stay tuned this โ€“ details dropping soon.


Crypto Dot Com NFT

I recently had the pleasure of hanging out again with Mr Stuart Isted, the general manager of Crypto.com in MENA region and Africa in Dubai. Appreciated the gift box and exploration of coming synergies.

The series will soon see 12 new works enter the market via Crypto Dot Com NFT, via a mystery box drop. Stay tuned this โ€“ details dropping soon.

VESA + MUSURE 3D Sneaker


What about the realm of digital wearables, and the VESA x MUSURE world sneakers we mentioned last time?

Letโ€™s check how theyโ€™re doing too.

Direct link to Opensea to buy past the mystery box

Grateful if you made it this far and see you all soon,

Crypto & NFT Artist
All links to physical, NFTs, and more below


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