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Gold Rush: BlockDAG’s X100 Miner Projected to Bring $60,000 in Daily Earnings! PENDLE’s Price Bullish as Maker Token Faces Setback

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The crypto market recently witnessed bullish trends for Pendle (PENDLE) price, signalling further gains ahead. In other news, Maker (MKR) Token faces a setback due to concerns about permit phishing. Despite these limited crypto opportunities, potential investors and crypto miners are curious about the developments in BlockDAG Network and its presale which has crossed $54.3 million.

Innovative mining solutions, notably the high-efficiency X100 miner rig, have rapidly gained attention among the cryptocurrency community. With experts predicting that the BDAG coin will reach $30 by 2030, the mining growth opportunity is also high. The projected value rise can lead the X100 miner rig to potentially earn up to $60,000 daily.

PENDLE Price Bullish: Potential for Further Gains

The PENDLE price trades above key moving averages, indicating a bullish trend. With higher tops and bottoms on the chart, the uptrend remains strong. The PENDLE price chart structure suggests the token prepares for a significant upward movement.

Currently, PENDLE shows bullish momentum, with oscillators like RSI and MACD supporting a positive outlook. This bullish view hints that PENDLE’s price could see further gains, potentially reaching new highs. The market cap and total supply are also notable, supporting the overall positive sentiment around the token.

Maker Token Falls Amid Permit Phishing Concerns

Maker token news reports a significant drop following an exploit due to permit phishing. This incident has caused concern among users about the security of their assets. Permit phishing is a deceptive technique where attackers trick users into signing malicious transactions.

Maker token news emphasises the importance of vigilance, using security measures such as hardware wallets and double-checking transaction details to protect against such threats. Staying informed and cautious can help users safeguard their investments in the Maker ecosystem, highlighting the need for increased awareness and security.

BlockDAG Excels with 1300% Surge & High-Efficiency Miners

BlockDAG has rapidly captured the attention of potential cryptocurrency miners with its highly efficient mining opportunities. BlockDAG prioritizes reducing the strain on mining devices, ensuring a smooth and profitable mining experience. One of its standout solutions is the X100 miner rig, engineered for high-efficiency mining. With an impressive hash rate of 2 TH/s and a power consumption of 1800W, the X100 can generate up to 2,000 BDAG daily. This makes it a highly appealing option for dedicated miners and large-scale operations seeking substantial returns.

Subsequently, the popularity of BlockDAG has increased, as evidenced by the sale of its miners in the ongoing presale, which has reached $54.3 million. With over 8,272 units sold, the presale has now reached Batch 19. This surge in demand has driven the BDAG coin price up by 1300%, now valued at $0.014. Experts are optimistic about its future, predicting the coin’s value could reach $30 by 2030.

Investors can use BlockDAG’s crypto mining calculator to calculate how much each miner will profit them in future. The BlockDAG’s dashboard also provides users with clear insights into the potential earnings from BDAG miners. Currently, an X100 miner rig can earn more than $28 daily. With the projected coin value reaching $30 by 2030, these rigs could potentially earn up to $60,000 daily. This projection highlights the lucrative potential of investing in BlockDAG’s miners, making it a compelling choice for crypto miners.

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The surge in BlockDAG’s mining capabilities, particularly with the X100 miner rig, establishes strong interest among potential crypto miners. By 2030, as the BDAG coin is projected to reach $30, these miners could earn up to $60,000 daily. This remarkable potential firmly places BlockDAG at the forefront of investment opportunities, drawing attention away from the fluctuating trends of PENDLE prices and the security concerns surrounding Maker Token. Such prospects make BlockDAG an attractive option for those seeking consistent and significant returns in the mining sector.

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