DigiToads (TOADS) Presale Success Signals a Promising Future for Investors, As Monero (XMR) and Quant (QNT) Collapse Amidst Crypto Market Correction

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Moving on from the scandals and excessive regulatory action, the global cryptocurrency market is all set for a course correction. Projected to grow at CAGR of 11% over the next five years, the market is well poised for new innings. DigiToads is emerging as a dependable crypto project whose presale success has impressed even analysts. The meme token’s claim to fame seems to be its state-of-the-art economic model wherein users can look forward to exploring multiple opportunities for earning passive income. The meme coin’s potential has prompted several Quant and Monero holders to switch to the TOADS token.

DigiToads: 2023’s best Altcoin

Considered among the best altcoins to watch out for this year, DigiToads is an Ethereum-based meme token that sports a multi-dimensional economic model. The model merges three cryptocurrencies — a mem coin, a play-to-earn platform, and a Web 3.0 game — to offer unparalleled functionality to its users. The network’s native token TOADS is another cap in its feather. Built on the ERC-20 protocol, the token is used for all transactional purposes on the platform and is available on presale.

One of the reasons that make DigiToads the best cryptocurrency to buy is the monthly trading competition. These competitions test the acumen of traders in the DigiToads community and reward the ones fetching the highest trade volume in a month. Apart from getting a share of the profits, the winners also learn how to manage the DigiToads treasury along with the team. Over time, they will be assisting the team in handling the DigiToads treasury.

The team also plans to educate its community members about cryptocurrencies with a think tank. To be called the TOADS School, the think tank would conduct knowledge sessions that can be attended by anyone holding a minimum of three NFTs.

It has been topping the cryptocurrency ico list of many analysts after it managed to attract a huge number of buyers during the presale stages. What’s more, is that the presale process is still in its sixth stage and there are four more stages to go. Another key feature of the TOADS token is its deflationary model which helps in taming price fluctuations. This is done by burning tokens and keeping the supply intentionally low. While the supply of tokens is 585 million, around 69% of the stock will be diverted for presale stages and financing community rewards.

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Monero to stay bearish? Here’s what we know

Monero is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that leverages pioneering technologies to facilitate secure and transparent digital transactions. Its native token XMR is the main crypto token on the network. To ensure that the sender and receiver in transactions stay anonymous, it leverages technologies like  Ring Confidential Transactions, multi-signatures, and stealth addresses. Despite its popularity, the XMR token had a front-row seat to market volatility which has impacted its price over the past few weeks. While many analysts maintain a bearish outlook for the token, a lot of indices have given it a neutral rating in the recent past.

Is Quant headed toward a bearish zone?

Quant was rolled out to create an interconnected network of blockchains that could be scaled globally seamlessly. The network is powered by Overledger Network which connects the blockchains. It also allows developers to build dApps with multichain capabilities. The network’s native token QNT is used for staking, trading tokens, and all other kinds of transactional purposes. Even though the QNT token was once considered the best cryptocurrency to buy in the past, its popularity has taken a hit due to its market performance. Selling pressure has impacted the token price recently and analysts suggest that it is likely to stay in the bearish zone.


Wondering what cryptos to buy now? Given their power-packed features, you can choose between Quant, Monero, and DigiToads. However, if you are looking for long-term gains, for many analysts DigiToads is a better option as it has higher growth potential. Experts feel that DigiToads’ dynamic economic model gives it an edge over the other three options as its users can explore more than one way to earn residual income. In the near future, analysts also feel that the TOADS token can potentially increase by almost 30x.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.


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