Memecoins are like a ‘risky casino’ — Andreessen Horowitz exec

The chief technology officer of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz said that memecoins are like risky casinos that deter real builders from the crypto...

Hong Kong officials recommend city’s crypto industry self-regulate

Hong Kong regulators wrote, “Many economically developed regions in the world have established statutory semi-official industry self-regulatory institutions to focus on industry development.”...

NYSE gauges interest in 24/7 stock trading like crypto: Report

While cryptocurrencies can trade and settle all day and night, stock trading has traditionally followed office hours.

Nigeria puts faith in new crypto-friendly regulator

Nigeria’s president appointed the new SEC Chair to regulate the capital market, bolster investor confidence, and advance economic development.

Tokenization’s next phase requires real-world data integration — Chainlink

Chainlink Labs’ director of capital markets said that enhancing tokens with real-world data could unlock better applications than traditional finance.

GameFi airdrops are here to stay but won’t save a bad game: Execs

Blockchain gaming tokenomics may have got a bad wrap last cycle, but GameFi execs say it’s not going away anytime soon as it’s...

Runes make up 68% of all Bitcoin transactions since launch

Runes continue to make up the vast majority of Bitcoin transactions; however, the fees earned by Bitcoin miners from Runes have slightly tailed...

DeFi whales have millions ‘forgotten’ in bridge contracts: Arkham

One of the wallets includes $1.05 million worth of funds stuck in the Optimism bridge contract, which previously received ETH from Vitalik Buterin.

Banks could flood into stablecoins if new bill passes: S&P Global

The Lummis-GillibrandPayment Stablecoin Act introduced to the Senate could see big banks encouraged to take steps into the stablecoin market, says S&P Global...

BlackRock has ‘no commercial relationship’ with Hedera, HBAR sinks 32%

A BlackRock spokesperson confirmed the firm wasn’t directly involved in Archax and Ownera’s decision to tokenize shares of BlackRock’s ICS Treasury Fund on...