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BitKeep Wallet hits 10 million users driven by successful Arbitrum airdrop

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Decentralized multichain digital wallet solution BitKeep Wallet has announced that it has surpassed 10 million users as of April. The platform has seen tremendous growth in recent months, with over 560,000 new users onboarded in March alone. The surge in users can be attributed to several successful campaigns with popular blockchains like Arbitrum and Sui.

BitKeep’s Arbitrum campaign saw the successful launch of ARBK. This native token recorded 708,800 on-chain transactions and was airdropped to over 100,000 users participating in campaign-related tasks and activities. During the campaign period, ARBK was exchangeable for ARB, the official native token of the Arbitrum chain, and ranked first on Arbitrum’s ecosystem popularity chart with 150,000 token-holding addresses, with an interaction volume of 330,000.

Following BitKeep’s recent success, cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bitget has invested $30 million into the platform. As a result of the investment, BitKeep will be rebranded as Bitget Wallet but will continue to function as an independent entity both operationally and structurally. BitKeep will focus on building its ecosystem and independent tokenomics while protecting the rights and interests of existing BitKeepers and BKB holders during the transition process.

According to the announcement sent to Cointelegraph, BitKeep plans to continue expanding its Swap function by introducing new cross-chain support for Optimism and Conflux Space, as well as decentralized exchange aggregation support from Swappi, Camelot, and WOO Network. BitKeep has also set its sights on enhancing its range of products, with plans to explore MPC (multi-party computation) and AA (account abstraction). Additionally, the company shared that it is developing functionalities related to Web3 DID (decentralized identity) and is extending support for the zk-Rollup ecosystem.

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On March 24, Cointelegraph reported that the recent Arbitrum (ARB) airdrop had garnered significant attention, as blockchain analysis platform Lookonchain reported that token hunters consolidated around $3.3 million worth of ARB into two wallets. The first wallet received 1.4 million ARB from 866 addresses, which were subsequently added to Uniswap for liquidity provision. This amount of ARB is currently valued at around $2 million. The second wallet received 933,375 ARB from 630 addresses, amounting to roughly $1.38 million. These consolidations suggest that some users are taking advantage of the airdrop by accumulating large amounts of ARB tokens.