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Bitcoin Rejection At $62,498 Signals Bearish Dominance, Here Are Possible Outcomes

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Bitcoin recently faced a significant rejection at the $62,498 resistance level, underscoring the prevailing bearish dominance in the market. This failure to break through a critical threshold highlights the strength of selling pressure and raises concerns about potential downward trends. 

The rejection at this key level signals caution among traders and investors, prompting a reassessment of market strategies. As bearish momentum persists, this analysis explores the possible outcomes for Bitcoin’s price movement and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency market.

As of the time of writing, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is over $1.2 trillion, with a trading volume of over $27 billion. The cryptocurrency price is currently up by 1.2%, trading at roughly $61,582. Despite a 31.26% increase in market capitalization, there has been a 35.43% decrease in trading volume over the last day.

Technical Indicators: Signs Of Continued Bearish Pressure

BTC price on the 4-hour chart is still actively bearish and trading below the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA). Currently, Bitcoin is attempting a downward move after a rejection at $62,498, which is represented by a blue line on the chart.

Source: BTCUSDT on

The formation of the 4-hour William Alligator signals that the price of BTC may extend its bearish trend as there is no successful cross of both the alligator lip and tooth above the alligator jaw.

On the 1-day chart, it can be observed that Bitcoin’s price is making a huge drop after being rejected for the second time at the $62,498 level, thereby signaling more bearishness even as it continues to trade below the 100-day SMA.

Additionally, the 1-day William alligator also indicates more bearishness for BTC. After a successful cross of the alligator lip and teeth below the alligator jaw, they have been maintaining a good spread from each other.

Source: BTCUSDT on

It should be noted that the crypto asset’s price, from an overall point of view, is actively bearish. Given the formation of the price action and indicators on both the 4-hour and the 1-day chart, it can seen that the bears are currently dominating the market.

Potential Scenarios: What’s Next for Bitcoin?

An analysis of potential future scenarios for BTC’s price movement following the rejection reveals that if Bitcoin continues to move downward and break below the $60,152 support level, it may move lower to test the $58,523 support level and probably move on to test other lower levels if the price breaches this level.

However, if there is a rejection at the $60,152 support level, Bitcoin may start moving upward toward the $64,515 resistance level. If this level is breached, the crypto asset may experience more price growth toward the $71,909 resistance level and possibly other levels above.

BTC trading at $61,515 on the 1D chart | Source: BTCUSDT on

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