5 Reasons Why DigiToads’ “Swamp Arena” Is Different From Other Metaverses

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DigiToads (TOADS) is gaining enormous popularity for its dedicated metaverse that opens doors to fun, excitement, growth, and profit for the toads’ community.

Unlike many meme coin projects that revolve around meme trends and lack practical utility, DigiToads is gaining popularity as the best cryptocurrency project that brings more to the investor’s and community’s table through its practical utilities. Here’s how the project is grabbing investors’ and crypto enthusiasts’ attention through its one-of-a-kind metaverse: The Swamp Arena.

DigiToads: A Meme Coin Project With More Than Just a Meme Trend

As a stake-to-earn and play-to-earn project, DigiToads features its native token, TOADS, which is the primary token used inside its Swamp Arena. This swamp is full of exciting opportunities for holders and community members to explore.

Firstly, TOADS being the deflationary token, powers all the activities in the swamp. Investors and collectors can use TOADS to discover profitable market returns and enter the swamp, exploring chances to interact, grow, and earn in various ways within the DigiToads metaverse.

The project also includes an immersive game, ‘The Toad-Cade,’ in its swamp arena. This project’s P2E gaming concept has already become a hit in the Web 3.0 gaming realm for its unique gameplay and features. Players in this game can own, feed, and train their own individual digital toads for combat against other toads. Players can use the $TOADS token to buy food and training equipment for their digital toad pets. This entertaining gaming paradigm immerses players in a journey where they can witness their toads grow and become stronger while seeking $TOADS in rewards on every win.

But the fun doesn’t just end here in the swamp. Instead, it’s only the beginning. This meme project also includes a Toad School as part of the swamp arena. This school introduces trading courses and training from the best players in the industry. Hence, the reason why it is a great crypto for beginners or big time players in the crypto world, $TOADS allows its holders to explore, improve, and strengthen their trading skills. Holders of 3 or more of these NFTs get to enter this school, which introduces new traders to endless possibilities of learning and growing as a trader. Furthermore, graduates of this school not only become pro-traders of the swamp, but they also get access to the trade in the projects upcoming DEX, The Trading Post.


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Another feature that the members of the swamp arena can seek benefit from is the NFT staking pool. This staking pool is supported by 2% of all Toad tax revenue generated by $TOADS transactions. So all DigiToads NFT holders can generate a stable passive income with their NFTs collection. The platform will subsequently use the funds in the staking pool to reward NFT holders for staking their NFTs, based on how long the NFTs are staked.

Another fun approach included for the community in the swamp arena is the exciting monthly trading competitions called Toad vs. Toad. With these competitions held once a month for 12 months straight, DigiToads allows traders to be a part of the swamp arena by winning these tournaments. Winners get to own their Platinum Toads as prizes, which helps them access 1/12th of the toad’s treasury. The winners can then use the funds of this treasury to engage in trading activities as they advance in the market.

With so much to explore, DigiToads swamp arena is nothing like the metaverse of existing projects. From trading to staking and participating in exciting contests, the project welcomes all crypto enthusiasts to participate in activities they find interesting in the swamp by using TOADS tokens as an entry pass. And if all this isn’t enough then the project also allows its investors to purchase these tokens during the ongoing 7th presale stage at a meager rate of 0.036 USD while using top crypto coins, including BUSD, USDT, SOL, SHIB, BNB, BTC, LTC, DOGE, etc.

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As a meme coin project that stands strong on its grounds comprising more than just a meme trend, DigiToads has already become a hit in the crypto sphere with its exploding TOADS token. The rapidly growing demand for this token in the ongoing presale, raising more than $4.7M in capital, has added more to the investor’s hype to join the swamp arena.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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